Students – Laureate
February 8, 2021   •  Students

UPN Students Design a Robot That Can Detect People Without Face Masks

A team of electronic engineering students from UPN has designed a remote-controlled robot prototype that can recognize people not wearing face masks, and collect disused masks from the ground using its robotic arm.... Read More »

November 27, 2020   •  Students

UPN Student Invention Helps Address a COVID-19 Challenge

“We saw the demand for 合约交易所_全球十大合约交易平台_Mybihome deliveries was growing at an accelerated rate, but not in the most efficient way to ensure that the products arrived in optimal hygienic conditions"... Read More »

November 19, 2020   •  Students

A Challenging Journey to Higher Education

Living with Cerebral Palsy has not prevented Guadalupe Martha (Lupita) Rivera Montoya from pursuing her dream of studying at university.... Read More »

September 14, 2020   •  Students

Young Filmmakers Enjoy International Success and Contribute to Change in Attitudes Towards People with a Disability

A team of UPN students has won an international short film award for their documentary based on the life of a Peruvian poet and former Special Olympic athlete living with Down's Syndrome.... Read More »